BG Online Frequently Asked Questions

What courses are offered?

The first year we are offering the following online high school courses:

  • 9th Grade: English I, Human Geography, and Physics
  • 10th Grade: English II, Modern World History, and Biology
  • 11th Grade: Chemistry
  • 12th Grade: Honors Physics

We are also offering the following dual enrollment courses:

  • Grammar and Composition I and II (Honors English IV) 
  • General Chemistry 1 and 2 (AP Chemistry) 
  • PreCalculus 
  • Introduction to Ethics (Theology IV)

These are high school courses offered for college credit at the University of Texas at Tyler, with whom we are partnering.

For questions about each type, visit the web pages below:

Program Director

Stacy Trasancos, PhD

Director of Bishop Gorman Online


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