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What courses are offered?

The first year we are offering the following online high school courses:

9th Grade: English I, Human Geography, and Physics
10th Grade: English II, Modern World History, and Biology
11th Grade: Chemistry
12th Grade: Honors Physics

Who can enroll in the online courses?

The courses are intended for high school students in the Diocese of Tyler, TX. We are reaching out to homeschool students who would like to take an online course as part of their studies. The instructors are Bishop Gorman teachers, and the classes they lead are the same as the classes they teach on campus. If you are not in the diocese but wish to enroll in a course, you are welcome to do so. Please contact the Director, Dr. Stacy Trasancos at strasancos@bishopgorman.net

How will the online courses be delivered?

Bishop Gorman teachers already use the Canvas learning management system. This technology allows the teacher to post modules for each week containing reading assignments, homework, quizzes, and tests. Students submit their work through Canvas. In lieu of live classes, the teachers will record the lessons, so the online student can watch at his or her convenience and plan the week to complete all the assignments. Students must submit work by due dates assigned by the teacher, and students have access to the teacher for guidance. We encourage a teacher-parent-student relationship.

Can online students participate in Bishop Gorman activities?

Yes, students are encouraged to attend Masses, spiritual activities, sports events, and social gatherings. To participate in sports, however, requires that a student is registered in at least four on-campus classes.

Are online students required to come to Bishop Gorman campus?

In some classes on-campus attendance is strongly encouraged but not required. One of our guiding principles is to uphold the quality of Catholic education, so major exams will be taken on campus and proctored by the teacher. Our science classes will offer real labs on campus because there is no way to deliver the same quality of education using virtual labs. However, these trips to campus will only be 1-2 times per semester, and social activities will be planned for our Bishop Gorman extended family. We want our online students to be a part of Bishop Gorman. If a student cannot make the trip for exams or labs, special arrangements for proctoring exams or completing labs can be made instead.

What will the student receive for completing the course?

At the successful completion of the course, a grade will be reported, and a Certificate of Achievement awarded. These can be used when applying to colleges and universities. Bishop Gorman will provide a transcript to verify that the student completed the set of courses. In addition, Bishop Gorman teachers can write letters of recommendation during the college admission process and thereby give first-hand testimony to a student’s character and readiness.

Will students who complete the online courses receive a diploma from Bishop Gorman?

Our goal over the next few years is to develop a full set of high school courses and offer a diploma to demonstrate completion of a course of study. Our goal for the first year (2018-19) is to offer the courses we can develop and deliver with excellence. The state of Texas does not accredit online courses but our courses have the same content and standards as on-campus courses. We will provide transcripts and diplomas to support a student applying to college. 

Program Director

Stacy Trasancos, PhD

Director of Bishop Gorman Online


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