Faculty and Staff Directory

Name Position Phone
Alexander, Elizabeth Librarian 903-579-9426 x426
Anderson, Nannette Math Teacher 903-561-2424
Bartley, Paula Science Teacher 903-561-2424
Beason, Tina Orchestra Director 903-561-2424 x437
Blalock, Amanda English Teacher 903-561-2424
Breedlove, Lisa Math Teacher 903-561-2424
Breedlove, Lisa PSIA Coordinator 903-561-2424
Broaddus, Michael Technology Coordinator 903-579-9430 x430
Burnette, Jerril Social Studies Teacher 903-561-2424
Carney (Ruesewald), Judy Theology Teacher 903-561-2424
Chenevert, Steve Director of Facilities 903-579-9402 x402
Colville, Becky Math Teacher 903-561-2424
Cunningham, Cynthia Athletic Administrative Assistant 903-579-9406 x406
Davis, Monica Cross Country Head Coach 903-561-2424
Deal, Tom Maintenance 903-561-2424
Denmon, Spencer Basketball Head Coach - Mens 579-9418 x418
D'Eramo, Mary Jane Administrative Secretary 903-561-2424 x401
D'Eramo, Mary Jane Drama 903-561-2424 x401
Fackrell, Kaye P.E. Coach 903-561-2424
Fackrell, Kaye Science Teacher 903-561-2424
Fergerson, Dana English Teacher 903-561-2424
Franz, James (Jim) Principal 903-561-2424 x405
Franz, James (Jim) English Teacher 903-561-2424 x405
Galletly, Howard Band Director 903-579-9415 x415
Glosson, Larry Social Studies Teacher 903-561-2424
Glosson, Lonnie Social Studies Teacher 903-561-2424
Jacobi, Karen Science Teacher 903-561-2424
Kaspar, Rodney Director of Athletics 903-561-2424 x403
Kaspar, Rodney Director of Discipline 903-561-2424 x403
Kemper, Rebecca Administrative Secretary 903-579-9405 x405
Konon, Pam Science Teacher 903-561-2424
Konon, Pam Math Lab 903-561-2424
Liles, Suzanne Choir Director 903-579-9416 x416
Manley, Jane Director of Student Services 903-579-9436 x436
Manley, Jane Technology Integration 903-579-9436 x436
Matzke, Diane Finance Coordinator 903-579-9413 x413
McFarlin, Randy Football Head Coach 903-579-9417 x417
McGehee, Lisa Visual Arts 903-561-2424 x465
McKinley, Marilynn Math Teacher 903-561-2424
McLaughlin, Anthony President
Milton, Jerome Athletic Scholarship Coordinator 903-579-9409 x469
Natera, Felipe Director of Communications 903-579-9423 x441
Natera, Felipe Track Coach 903-579-9423 x441
Necessary, Deacon Theology Teacher 903-561-2424
Nemec, Michelle Science Teacher 903-579-9423 x423
Nemec, Michelle Middle School Coordinator 903-579-9423 x423
Nemec, Michelle PSIA Coordinator 903-579-9423 x423
Newton, Connie English Teacher 903-561-2424
Newton, Connie Dyslexia Specialist 903-561-2424
Newton, David Social Studies Teacher 903-561-2424
Oxler, Matt Theology Teacher 903-579-9423 x423
Oxler, Matt High School Discipline Coordinator 903-579-9423 x423
Pilgrim, Jan Admissions & Events Coordinator 903-579-9401 x401
Prestidge, Amber English Teacher 903-561-2424
Prestidge, Amber Social Studies Teacher 903-561-2424
Roberts, Heather Director of College Advising 903-579-9409 x409
Ruelle, Justin Latin Teacher 903-561-2424
Ruelle, Justin English Teacher 903-561-2424
Schick, Mary Assistant Principal 903-579-9412 x412
Schick, Mary Science Teacher 903-579-9412 x412
Schuricht, Julie Cheer - Head Coach 903-561-2424
Scirto, Beth Theology Teacher 903-561-2424
Stone, Anne Spanish Teacher 903-561-2424
Streit, Connor Alumni Coordinator 903-579-9403 x403
Ussery, Lucy Development Coordinator 903-579-9323 x323
VanDoorne, Patricia Extended Care 903-561-2424 x442
Vaughn, Michele Math Teacher 903-561-2424
Vaughn, Michele JJLC 903-561-2424
Vreeland, Father Theology Teacher 903-579-9435 x435
Vreeland, Father Chaplain 903-579-9435 x435
Waters, Erik Science Teacher 903-561-2424
Whitaker, Leticia Spanish Teacher 903-561-2424
Woods, Debbie Receptionist 903-561-2424 x414
Young, Tom Science Teacher 903-561-2424


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