Letter From The President

Dear Parents and Students:

It is with great joy that I have accepted Bishop Strickland’s appointment to serve as the first President of Bishop Thomas K. Gorman Catholic School effective June 1.

For nearly sixty years the model of leadership adopted by Bishop Gorman School was the traditional all-in-one model of a principal who was expected to be all things to all men. In recent years a new structure of leadership for Catholic Schools has emerged, the President/Principal Model. As of 2017, approximately 60% of Catholic secondary schools in the United States have embraced this model and moved away from the all-in-one principal model.

The two leaders in this model – the President and the Principal – are equal proponents of the school’s Catholic Identity and Mission.  However, their specific duties do not overlap and are structured strategically to complement each other. The President is the chief executive officer responsible for advancing the school through planning, vision-setting, development, fiscal management, and marketing. The Principal functions as the chief academic officer overseeing the daily operations of the school including academic and student affairs, teacher supervision and development, and curriculum. Because two people share the leadership and each position has unique responsibilities, this model allows for a greater degree of focus in each area.

  • As we begin to embrace the President/Principal Model it will be important that:
  • We hire a principal who shares this vision of leadership, 
  • We communicate an understanding of this model to faculty, parents and students.
  • We implement the model effectively at all levels of school life.

Please know that I am excited to be part of this new leadership structure and I remain convinced that this model will serve Gorman well.

Very Rev. Anthony McLaughlin, JCD


Very Rev. Dr. Anthony McLaughlin

Phone: 903-561-2424
Extension: 400


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