Letter from the Principal

Dear Parents and Students:

Since 1958, Bishop Thomas K. Gorman Catholic School (formerly Tyler Catholic High) has been serving the Catholic educational needs of the Tyler and Smith County people.

The education of students morally, ethically, and spiritually is the number one priority of Bishop Thomas K. Gorman Regional Catholic School. The faculty, staff, and school councils are all committed to making sure that the gospel message is alive at Gorman. Students are given an opportunity to grow and develop intellectually, physically, and emotionally as well as morally and spiritually. The ultimate process of learning and maturing, though, takes place within each student. It is the task of the educator as well as the parent to ensure and nurture this growth.

A Top 50 Catholic High School, 2005-2015; a Blue Ribbon “Excellence in Education” Award Winner 1998 by the U.S. Department of Education; TAPPS 3A Overall State Champions 2001 and 2002; TAPPS 3A Academic State Champions, 1999, 2000, and 2002. Middle School PSIA State Academic Champions 2014. The school recognizes the need for order and discipline in the formation of responsible Christians; therefore, policies and rules have been established to create an atmosphere of respect for all members of the Gorman community.

A high value is placed on self-direction, personal responsibility, and self-discipline as a means for developing the self. All members of the Bishop Thomas K. Gorman School community are expected to reflect the ideals and standards of the school, both on and off campus.

God bless you in the year.


Robin Perry


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Robin Perry

Phone: 903-561-2424
Extension: 412


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