Active and Retired Military

Bishop Gorman wishes to express our utmost appreciation and support for all our enlisted military, especially those in our Gorman community.  

  • Retired Lt. Colonel US Army Frank Peter Brinkman III M.D. Class of 1965
  • Retired USAF Senior Master Sergeant Martin Barron Class of 1970
  • Lieutenant Colonel Larkin O’Hern Class of 1976 
  • Lieutenant Colonel Charles O’Hern Class of 1978 
  • Technical Sergeant William James Paradis Class of 1978
  • Air Force Master Sergeant Richard Dennis Shows II Class of 1984 
  • Lieutenant Ronald Bolton Class of 1985
  • Martin Smithdorff Class of 1995 
  • Corporal Luis Aparicio Class of 1995 
  • Angela Benjamin Class of 1997 
  • Michael Root Class of 1997 
  • Chad Hammett Class of 2000 
  • Lieutenant Chris Meyers, Naval Academy Class of 2001
  • Kevin Schrader Jr Class of 2002 
  • Mid Shipman Joshua Russell Class of 2002 
  • Mid Shipman Wayne Kent Class of 2003 
  • James Hall Class of 2003 
  • Cliff Harris, West Point Academy Class of 2004 
  • Austin Cardenas, Air Force Academy Class of 2005
  • Bradley Fuhrmann Class of 2006 
  • Brandon Harris, West Point Academy Class of 2006
  • Andrew Rydzak, The Citadel Class of 2006 
  • Andy Cardenas, Air Force Academy Class of 2007 
  • Chris Flannely Class of 2009 
  • Justin Harris, West Point Academy Class of 2009 
  • John Shanahan [Army] Class of 2011 
  • Kim Ortega [Marines] Class of 2011 
  • Jordan Botello Class of 2012
  • Kelly O’Neill [2nd Lieutenant in the Marines] Class of 2014
  • Nicholas Gale [Air Force] Class of 2016 


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