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Class of 1961

Driggers, Ronald
Fallacaro (Edelblut), Carmellia
George, Carol
Green (Scheuerrman), Mary
Hughes (Cleneay), Mignonne
LaBarge, James
Long, Audy     (deceased)
Longshore (O'Byrne), Carolyn
McGill (Bouvy), Mary Bob
McNamara, David
Moss, Sally
Olsen, John
Quirk (Bieber), Carol
Ray (Sedberry), Brenda     (deceased)
Ronayne, Don
Spiller, Dan
Starnes (Reed), Angela


Class of 1962 

Cooney, James "Pat"
Ellis (Kendrick), Sue
Finneran, John
Friedrick (Bosworth), Sharon 
George, Joyce
Johnston, Ed
Matachinskas, Mary
McNamara (Brown), Beverly
McNew (Carswell), Frances
Perry, Don
Ramsdell, Barbara
Roedel, Dardine
Saleh, Bert     (deceased)
True (Hesse), Helen
Woodward, Harry


Class of 1963

Allen, Alfred
Darnell (Campbell), Judy
Finn, Thomas
Finneran (Wittman), Lynda 
Geary, Robert
George, Gilbert
Gill (Schueter), Sally
Hooten, Andy
Maxfield (LaBarge), Linda   (deceased)
Owen, Cheryl
Pratt, Mike
Pritchard, Billy
Wilkinson (Spiller), Jane
York (Gooch), Ethyl


Class of 1964

Arnold (Meehan), Barbara
Cooney, Tim
Fife (Perry), Mary
Hermosillo, Henry
Hukill (Kesler), Mary
Maher, Mike
Pierce, Carroll
Ray (Peters), Marsha
Rogers, Gary
Shaw (Bartlett), Linda     (deceased)
Summerlin (Romero), Anna 
Trube (Chitwood), Barbara
Vance (Corbett), Katherine
Wilson, Gary


Class of 1965

Aliesch (Seamon), Elizabeth
Bartlett, David      (deceased)
Bohr, Mike
Bosworth, Eddie
Brewerton, Stephen
Brinkman, Pete
Carroll (Kennedy), Angene
Cleneay, William
Driggers (Durham), Mary     (deceased)
Gates (Spiller), Susan
Howell (Geary), Eileen
Montoya (Long), Cathy
Olsen, Pat
Peacock (Retchless), Diane
Perkins (Stark), Suzanne
Richter (Aaron), Linda
Wall (Mascali), Lanna
Weekley (Khan), Mary


Class of 1966

Bennett (Hoy), Marylyn
Brewerton, Alfred
Campbell (Morgan), Pam
Champion, John 
Chitwood, Ross     (deceased)
Cleneay (Craddock), Claudia
Doyle, Karen
Gorman (Kelsey), Linda
Griffin (Fox), Pam
Harkrider, William
Hunter (Steele), Kay
Khirallah, Mary Theresa
LaBarge (Hebert), Monique
LeMaire (LeBlanc), Carolyn
Long, Noel     (deceased)
McDonnel, Virginia
Miller (Stevens), Anne
Murphy, Michael     (deceased)
Osborn (Richbourg), Cynthia     (deceased)
Pritchard, James
Robbins, John
St. Pierre (Maher), Ann
Sukiennik, Pete
Vandeven (Stark), Charlotte


Class of 1967

Atha, James
Bartlett, Jim     (deceased)
Campbell, Bill
Champion (George), Janice
Dennehy, Carolyn
Edwards (Peters), Gail
Eikner (Retchless), Francine
Hoy, Robert 
Hudson (Maynard), Sue
Johnson (Trevino), Barbara
Johnston, William
Khan, Charles
Kidd (Fox), Jimmie Lou
Ledet, Steve
O'Sullivan, Patrick     (deceased)
Porter (Khirallah), Linda
Reardon (McNamara), Patricia
Serice, Michael
Wilson, John


Class of 1968

Allen, Arthur
Atha, Robert
Eckhardt (Allen), Mary
Fraze (Cleneay), Mary "Carol"
Hull (Speas), Cathy
Kesler, Linda
Khirallah, Ray
Klueppel, Mike
Layne (Bohr), Barbara
Moss (Brewerton), Glenda
Murphy, Dennis
Neal (Spiller), Mary
Padruco (Broussard), Margaret
Peyton (LeBlanc), Alexis
Robertson (Curtis), Melinda
Rogers, Melvin
Shieldes, Wilbur "Dan"     (deceased)
Simmons (Maynard), Rose
Smiley (Vreeland), Susan
Thurmond, Patrick
Tuttle, Brian
Wilda (Heitzman), Claire
Wilson, Chris


Class of 1969

Blanchard, Sam
Bosworth, Mike
Eltife, Rick
Grimes (Reed), Heather
Gurney, Bill
Heard (Bundick), Barbara
Johnson, Greg
Kelly, Ed
Kelsey, Bob     (deceased)
Leeper (Turman), Kay
Mann (Trevino), Pat
McClung (Cayard), Connie
McNamara (Cuca), Kathy
Mitchell (George), Ronnett
Murphy, Terry
Nesuda (Bartlett), Carol
O'Sullivan, John
Perez (Brewerton), Dottie
Phillips (McAleese), Anita
Reagan, Brad
Shieldes, Timothy
Tennison (Craddock), Connie
Warren (Sanchez), Virginia
Watts (Buck), Patricia

Class of 1970

Akers, Pamela
Armstrong, Venetta
Barron, Martin
Bisett (Heitzman), Beth
Bradychok (Hanes), Juli
Brewerton, Herbert     (deceased)
Browning (Salas), Lupe
Camp, Cameron
Carney, Danny
Coyne, Patrick
Curtis, Carl
Dews, Charles
Frank (Manziel), Dorothy
Grant, Thomas   (deceased)
Groom, Lynn
Hartmann (Khirallah), Lillian
Haygood (Serice), Wanda
Hooten, Gregory
Ingram (Buck), Janice
Keenan, Francis   (deceased)
Kelly (Cayard), Colleen
Laine (LeMaire), Lois
McCoy (Callanan), Mary
Munoz (Hernandez), Hope
Newman (Kelly), Donna
Osburn, Gary
Rodgers (Cuca), Mary
Sager, Timothy
Silks (LeBlanc), Marsha
Spiller, Margaret


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