Information for Parent Volunteer Coordinators

Thank you for volunteering your time as a team parent coordinator!  If you have any questions, please contact your team coach or Mike Lee at  or 903-561-2424.

Team Communications

  • Meet with your coach and discuss expectations, plans for season
  • Obtain/compile a list with the following information: player name, jersey no. (if applicable), parents’ names, e-mails and cell-phone
  • Send an introductory e-mail introducing yourself as team parent and discussing any money and other information that needs to be collected (for example: team meals, snacks, t-shirt sizes, snacks).
  • Encourage coach communications through Remind and weekly e-mails with schedule and directions/address to away games/meets
  • Morning announcements – if the team has a community coach, confirm who is writing 

Team Organization

  • Game Day Shirts & Fan Shirts
    • “Game Day shirts”  are only offered to team members to wear to school on game days; “Fan shirts” are to be offered for sale primarily to fans/parents, but players are welcome to purchase as well.
    • Middle School will need game day shirts to wear to school on game days.  Contact HS coach as to whether the High School team needs them.  If needed, hs game day shirts should be ordered as soon as possible so that they are ready for the team to wear on the date of their first event. 
    • Shirts are usually purchased through Impressive Imageworks on team specific online store.  (See below for ordering details.)
  • Yard signs & car decals offered to MS and HS. Usually purchased through Impressive Imageworks on team-specific online store. (See below for ordering details.)
  • Organize volunteers to work shifts at concessions/gate/book electronically via Helper Helper. Contact Michael Broaddus to be added as a team admin.
  • Team Photos and Senior Banners. The coach will schedule with MotoPhoto.
  • Team Spirit/Lockers -- Contact Coach Strong (cheer coach) at regarding plans for locker decorations. 
  • Junior parents are responsible for providing a memento or gift for the senior players on their Senior Night. Seniors Banner Senior night (when/who organizes)

These are basic guidelines, please feel free to be creative. Remember delegation is the keyword! It takes one or two team parents to be the organizer, but MANY parents to make the sports season run smoothly and help provide a wonderful experience for everyone involved.


Spirit Wear Ordering with Impressive Imageworks

Instructions for ordering Game Day shirts, fan shirts, yard sales & car decals:  Contact Diana Eppler at and cc All t-shirts must be either be grey, green, or white and must be approved by Felipe Natera for congruency purposes prior to ordering them.

  1. Send Impressive Imageworks a sketch, photo or design idea for game day shirts, fan shirts (if desired), yard signs & car decals (or just repeat the previous yard sign & car decal designs), OR just ask them to come up with a design.  
  2. “Game Day shirts”  are only offered to team members to wear to school on game days; “Fan shirts” are to be offered for sale primarily to fans/parents, but players are welcome to purchase as well. They will design and send you a proof; you may ask for edits/revisions or approve the design
  3. Submit design to Felipe Natera (  for approval.   
  4. Share the link for the online store from Impressive Imageworks with team families.  The online store will be open for a limited time (one week or less).  Each player/family is to individually order their own items on the online store (so that the team parent does not have to collect money or distribute orders).  Impressive Imageworks will also package and deliver orders to the school for families to pick up. **Note there is a minimum order of 12 units for some items.**  
  5. Notify team members and families when and where orders will be available for pickup. 


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