Information for Live Streaming Volunteers

Parents are able to help stream sporting events utilizing their Apple mobile device and the BlueFrame Remote Truck app. Please email Monica Davis or Michael Broaddus for the Remote Truck credentials.


  • iOS apple device (Not compatible with Android)
  • iPhone or iPad mount and Tripod
  • Remote Truck credentials


  • You can't use your phone while streaming.
  • Replying to a text or switching to another app will pause the stream.



Download the Remote Truck app from the app store and open it on you mobile device.



When you first open up the app, you will be asked to Select a User, you will sign in with your BlueFrame credentials, these will be the same you use for vCloud and Production Truck. 



Now that you are signed in, navigate up to the three horizontal bars to access the menu. You will then select Broadcasts from the options.



If you have broadcasts created they will appear here, or you can create a broadcast by selecting the blue plus icon in the bottom right hand corner.



If you need to Create a Broadcast, you will need to select the following, please keep in mind that this information is publicly available for your viewers. Once you input this information, navigate down and select Save. 

  • Site: your organization or school
  • Section: sport or category of broadcast
  • Date: the date and time of the broadcast
  • Title: the title for the broadcast
  • Description: the large blank space, will be a description for the event, this is optional


If your broadcast is already created, or now with your broadcast created, navigate over to Camera. Then select your device's camera, or applicable device camera.



Select the broadcast you just created, or one that was already created from the Select Broadcast menu. Then select a resolution for the broadcast. Then select Launch.



With the broadcast now selected, your devices camera will be pulled up. To start streaming, select Start at the bottom. Your phones camera view will be streamed directly to vCloud.

You can navigate out of the broadcast by selecting the x in the bottom right hand corner. Your broadcasts total time will appear in the upper right hand corner. You can see the broadcast you are currently streaming too in the upper middle of your stream.



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