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What dual enrollment courses are offered?

We are offering the following dual enrollment courses. With the exception of General Chemistry (online only), these courses can be taken on-campus for fully enrolled students or online for homeschool students.

   College Course (High School Equivalent):

  • Grammar and Composition I and II (Honors English IV) 
  • General Chemistry 1 and 2 (AP Chemistry) ONLINE ONLY
  • PreCalculus (PreCalculus)
  • Introduction to Ethics (Theology IV)

These are high school courses offered for college credit at the University of Texas at Tyler, with whom we are partnering. Course descriptions can be found here and tuition here.

What is a dual enrollment course?

Dual enrollment courses are courses that allow the student to be enrolled in a single course but simultaneously be enrolled at two different institutions, in this case Bishop Gorman Catholic high school and the University of Texas at Tyler. The courses are college courses with a university faculty member as the instructor of record. In addition, a Bishop Gorman teacher serves as the facilitator to help the students.

What credit can be earned with a dual enrollment course?

Students who complete the course with passing grades will earn college credits from the University of Texas at Tyler. Fully registered and enrolled on-campus students will receive high school credits towards high school graduation as well. Online students enrolled through Bishop Gorman will receive a Certificate of Achievement for the completed course.  

How transferable are the college credits?

All the courses we offer are Core Curriculum courses, and as such they are guaranteed to transfer to all Texas public institutions. Individual institutions may vary in how they transfer the credit into their records. The credits may transfer in as general electives, Core requirements, or programmatic requirements, depending on the institution and the degree program. Typically, these courses transfer to private and out-of-state institutions as well, but students and parents should always verify with the Registrar’s Office before assuming credits will transfer to those schools.

What are the student eligibility requirements for dual enrollment courses?

Students must meet Texas state eligibility requirements (THECB Title 19, part 1, Chapter 4, Subchapter D, Rule 4.85) and the admission requirements of The University of Texas at Tyler PACE Program (Partners in Academic Concurrent Enrollment). Please visit the links for more information. In short, students must enroll through Bishop Gorman and be approved for attendance. Any high school student (grades 9th - 12th) in the Diocese of Tyler is eligible. 

What test scores must be submitted?

Students must submit official test scores from one of the following categories to prove proficiency and college readiness in the areas of reading, writing, and math.

  • High School Exit: Highest level of STAAR or TAKS completed
  • College Entrance: PLAN or ACT or SAT if taken
  • College Placement: TSI Assessment, unless exempt

What is TSI?

The Texas Success Initiative (TSI) is a program mandated by the Texas Legislature to ensure every non-exempt student enrolling into a Texas public college or university is assessed for college readiness in the areas of reading, mathematics, and writing. (Texas Education Code, Section 51.3062). Admission into the university is not the equivalent of enrollment eligibility.  Unless exempt, all students must take an approved TSI assessment prior to enrolling in classes. The TSI assessment has no bearing on the acceptance or denial of admission. It is only used to determine placement into college-level courses. An exemption from the TSI assessment is not an exemption from meeting admission requirements.

How do I determine if I am exempt from the TSI?

Please see the University of Texas at Tyler website on Academic Success. Students can potentially be exempt from taking the TSI if they show certain scores on the SAT, ACT, or STAAR test. This chart is from the UT Tyler link. 

If you are not sure, just email Dr. Trasancos at strasancos@bishopgorman.net.

What TSI test do I need for specific courses?

The following lists the TSI section(s) which require proof of completion or exemption in order to enroll in the courses we are offering in the 2018-19 academic year:

  • English: TSI Writing
  • Math: TSI Math
  • Ethics: TSI Reading
  • Chemistry: TSI Math

NOTE: You only need to take the TSI (or be exempt from it) for the test specific to your class. For example, if you are taking English, you do not need to meet any Math TSI (or exemption) requirements for that course.

Where do I take the TSI?

Please see the University of Texas at Tyler website on Academic Success. You will need to contact the TSI Coordinator on the UT Tyler campus and take the tests at the campus testing center (about 2-3 hours per section). You will receive your scores immediately, and then you will take them to the TSI Coordinator in the Robert R. Muntz Library.

How do I enroll?

Enrollment is completed through Dual Enroll. Test scores and transcripts will be uploaded directly into that web system.

Will parents be able to contact UT Tyler professors?

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) typically applies in these situations which would prevent a faculty member from being able to talk to the professor, but all students sign a FERPA waiver in DualEnroll. Hence, parents can discuss student records with UT Tyler faculty. However, we encourage students to take accountability and ask their own questions as much as possible to prepare them for independence at college.

Will the dual enrollment students have two Canvas accounts?

Yes, there will be two separate accounts. Students will log into their UT Tyler Canvas account using their UT Tyler Patriot account username and password. These accounts are created during enrollment and can be accessed afterward.

What other high schools in the area participate in the University of Texas at Tyler PACE Program?

The university currently partners with Innovation Academy (all campuses), Palestine High School, and Grace Community. They also partner with Whitehouse and Longview high schools for engineering-specific courses only.

What other fees will the students need to pay?

There are no fees for students other than the tuition cost. Students are, however, responsible for textbooks, except for those provided by Bishop Gorman high school already.

What if I live outside the Diocese of Tyler?

Students outside the diocese may be admitted for attendance on a case-by-case basis by Bishop Gorman. The geographic constraint is due to the requirement to be physically present for major exams and live labs at Bishop Gorman or the University of Texas at Tyler campus. The trips to campus total 1-2 times per semester for exams and up to 45 hours for labs in the UT Tyler Department of Chemistry if a student is taking General Chemistry. 

How many times will I need to come to UT Tyler for General Chemistry labs?

For 1 college credit of lab, 45 hours of lab time is required. This is planned to be completed in three trips to campus that last two 8-hour days each. These trips also include time to take major exams, so no additional trips will be required. 

What is the benefit of taking General Chemistry by dual enrollment?

We realize the trips to campus for labs and exams presents a heavy requirement, but a student can earn a full year of General Chemistry college credit (8 credits) during high school, saving considerable time and expense. Compared to other options that allow the student to potentially (depending on the degree-granting higher institution) test out of the first year of Chemistry, this route guarantees transferable college credit and a transcript provided the student successfully completes the course. In addition, this course provides real hands-on experience in a college laboratory, 90 hours worth in total. The fee for the course (see Courses) is much lower than other options that require course enrollment and lab course enrollment separately, the purchase of virtual or in-home lab supplies, and additional fees for tests. 

What if my student is homeschooled and does not have an official high school transcript?

Please complete the Homeschool Transcript Form and submit to Bishop Gorman for approval.

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