College Advising 

Bishop Gorman offers individual guidance and counseling services. The school strives to assist students in developing and utilizing their abilities. The following are some of the college advising services offered:

  • College and vocational selection
  • Assistance in college applications
  • Scheduling of college representatives
  • Assistance in obtaining information regarding scholarships



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A top ten list of reasons for a catholic college education. Prepared by Fr. Bernie O'Connor, OSFS, President of DeSales University, formerly Allentown College of Saint Francis de Sales.

  1. We have been in the education business for a long time. The first universities were connected to monasteries.

  2. We participate in the only truly global institution of the world today. There are Catholics on every continent. The church is universal in its reach and in its mission. We prepare students for the global community of the future.

  3. We mean business. We are serious about education. We view the formation of each student as a creative and independent thinker as our responsibility. We don't follow the fads of the day. We operate with professionalism and discipline.

  4. We see our student affairs office and our academic affairs office as vital partners in the education process. The classroom and the student residence are both learning environments.

  5. We care deeply about local communities. The churches in the neighborhoods surrounding the campus have many needs. The young people on the campuses have many talents. We link these two in a variety of wonderful social outreach programs.

  6. We produce a superior product. Most businesses seek employees that have a blend of intelligence, practical skill, moral values, and spiritual maturity. We help students discover and develop these gifts so that they are prepared to offer practical and insightful solutions to real-world problems.

  7. We take moral stands in the world. In fact, we often take unpopular moral stands. This helps young people realize that an essential component of being a person is to take a stand. There are things that must be proclaimed as non-negotiable.

  8. We take religion seriously. This prepares young people to speak honestly with the overwhelming majority of people on the planet who also take religion seriously. People who know what religion is about are better able to discuss and admire different faiths. They understand the words, they appreciate the values, they comprehend the significance of a transcendent dimension to human life.

  9. We worship God. Most people in our world attend some form of worship for most of their lives. Young people benefit greatly from an understanding of ritual, sacrament, liturgy, and worship. These are integral to human life.

  10. From our rich faith dimension, we prepare students for life. We know what makes a successful marriage, we know what is required for a happy and productive career, we know what it takes to care for children, we know about the struggles of the elderly, the sick, the disabled, the forgotten.

College Advisor

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George Ann Reed

Director of Academic & College Advising


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