Unprecedented Opportunity to Turn $200K to $400K


Dear Team BG (all who love Bishop Gorman Catholic School),

We have an amazing opportunity to receive a match of $200,000 for our BG FUND.

There is a lot to do, and when we come together, we will win together!

Our faculty and staff, programs and technology, buildings and equipment are funded partially through tuition and mainly through your caritas (love for all).

Your love for all is an investment in the future: an investment in our future leaders and citizens; our future teachers, attorneys, health care providers, and business people; our future mothers and fathers; and our future priests, deacons, and religious.

Designate your benefactor investment today for these significant and consequential projects below to say yes and open the doors to Jesus Christ!  Be not afraid!

UBI CARITAS EST VERA, DEUS IBI EST! Where true charity is, there is God!


Jon Froelich Mary Schick
Director of Benefactor Investor Relationships Interim Principal
308-340-9019 903-561-2424
jfroelich@bishopgorman.net mschick@bishopgorman.net


Whether two coins or thousands of dollars, your investment as a benefactor of the BG FUND has a mighty impact on current and future saints and missionaries being formed at Bishop Gorman Catholic School.

  • Help replace the 15 year old HVAC (air conditioning) system in Haddad Gymnasium.
  • Help improve campus security with fencing enclosing the campus.
  • Help attract and retain Master Teachers.


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