My School Bucks

My School Bucks allows parents to fund and monitor their student's school lunches.

Cafeteria Accounts | Policies & Procedures

Each student has been assigned a PIN that is required for all student food transactions.  Money can be placed in a student's My School Bucks account online or via check or cash.  Please remember this cafeteria account is like a bank account, and friends should not have access to the student’s PIN. Please discuss with your student that his/her PIN number is confidential.

Negative Account Balances. Beginning February 1, when a student's account becomes negative, he/she will receive a verbal warning from one of the staff members in the cafeteria.  Notices of negative account balances will be sent to parents/guardians every Thursday.  If a student's account balance reaches negative $50, the student will no longer be able to use his/her account; however, the cafeteria will serve those students a grilled cheese sandwich for a charge of $2.25.

To obtain a copy of or to determine your student’s account balance, please contact the Food Service Director at  Should parents/guardians need an extension for the lunch balance payments, please email the Food Service Director and Jan Pilgrim (