Letter From The Principal

Dear Parents and Students:

Welcome to our year of JOY!  For over 70 years St. Gregory Cathedral School has been providing East Texas with Catholic education. St. Gregory continues to expound upon the early vision of those instrumental in our history, to “provide Catholic schooling that develops the whole child” God bless you in the year.

St. Gregory has a welcoming environment for all faiths and all students, recognizing the rich diversity of the God-given gifts that each student brings to the community.  High value on faith development, academic excellence. Self-direction, personal responsibility, and self-discipline are believed to be the key aspects as a means for developing the total student. Our mission is the fulfillment of the educational ministry of the Catholic Church and has as its primary goal the formation of children and one another through Christ.

A comprehensive, rigorous and varied academic curriculum provides students with an overall exemplary education. St. Gregory is the only three-time U.S. Department of Education Blue Ribbon School in East Texas. Our students are continually recognized by the Duke TIP organization for their outstanding academic success as determined by their Iowa assessment results.

The approach to academics as well as discipline is rooted in Christian virtue.  Students are encouraged to become increasingly accountable for their work and conduct as they mature.  Discipline is accomplished by clearly communicating expectations and consequences, and through the use of positive reinforcement.

God bless you in the year.


Robin Perry

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Robin Perry

Phone: 903-595-4109


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