Counseling Services: Hearts & Minds Counseling Program

Our school-based mental health care program is an effort to provide support in the character formation of our students, and meet concrete social emotional needs of our students, and the families who are a part of our school community.

This effort is a comprehensive program, set up to provide support to the school community as a whole, as well as in specialized groups or individual services as needed. We seek to offer virtue-focused and practical tools, solutions, and options to students and families in the context of their own school and community.

School-wide Guidance

Routine guidance lessons are provided to our students with a focus on helping them develop a Christian worldview, with the pursuit of virtue as the path to happiness, as well as teaching coping skills and resilience practices. These community-wide services are also be made available to parents through newsletters and parent workshops. 

Small Groups

Groups are also held in the program. Groups focus on topics important to students and families in the school who may be having similar experiences and would benefit from a group setting. 

Individual Services

Lastly, individual services can be considered when there are circumstances that support the need for the student to have individual care. Please contact the school counselor to discuss this. 


School-wide Guidance Counseling Schedule

Grade Schedule (30 minutes per homeroom)
Pre K4 Monthly, 4th Tuesday
Kindergarten Bi-Monthly, 2nd & 4th Monday
1st Grade  Bi-Monthly, 1st & 3rd Tuesday
2nd Grade Bi-Monthly, 2nd & 4th Tuesday
3rd Grade Weekly, Wednesdays
4th Grade Weekly, Fridays
5th Grade Weekly, Tuesdays


The school counseling 2020-2021 curriculum map is available! Click HERE to access. Click HERE to view a more detailed guidance counseling schedule.

Counseling for the 2020-2021 school year             

We have adventures ahead in the coming year, and while these adventures are VERY unique, the fact is that life is ALWAYS an adventure, and the variable is about who we choose to share the adventure with. I am blessed to journey with the SG community, and could not think of a better group of people to set out on an adventure with! Below are some highlights for the counseling program for the 2020-2021 school year. Please feel free to email or call my cell if you have questions or would like to chat about your specific needs. 


  1. The school counseling 2020-2021 curriculum map is available! Click HERE to access. The guidance counseling schedule has also been set, clik HERE to view. 

  2. Virtue Recognition Program, "Ultimum Potentiae" - this year we are beginning our "Stories of Ultimum Potentiae" recognition program that will complement our Education in Virtue curriculum that is implemented through our religious education department. Visit our Education in Virtue page to read about this year's recognition program. 




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