Spiritual Formation

The primary purpose of Bishop Gorman Catholic School is the spiritual growth and well-being of every student. Every aspect of the school, whether academic or athletic, is taught through and with the teachings and traditions of the Catholic Church. 

Opportunities for spiritual formation include:

  • Full-time Chaplaincy Team 
  • Weekly School Mass every Wednesday
  • Regular Liturgical "teaching" Masses for every grade level
  • Weekly Confessions every Wednesday or by appointment
  • Spiritual Retreats for all grades at the Pines Catholic Camp
  • Christian Service Immersion Week for all Juniors
  • Daily prayer in all classes
  • Weekly Chapel for all staff
  • Opportunities for student ministries including Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion, Ministers of Music, Lectors, and Ushers.



Letter From the President

St. Benedict gave his monks a simple, 3-word motto: Ora et labora…pray and work.

Pray and work … in that order … as we begin everything we do with a prayer, we do it through Jesus Christ, with Jesus Christ, for Jesus Christ, and in Jesus Christ.

Ora et labora reminds us that all activity must begin with prayer.

A prayer that calms us down and reminds us we do not do this alone, Jesus accompanies us.

Otherwise, we run the risk of a type of activism whereby panic sets in that “I’m doing this alone” and a frustration that “those people need to help me.”

Ora et labora, pray and work, this is fundamental to what an unabashedly Catholic school, like Gorman, teaches.

That’s why every day begins with prayer…every class begins with prayer…every meal begins with prayer…every practice begins with a prayer…every sports event begins with prayer…every day at noon we pause to pray the Angelus.

Particularly in our society today that wants us to do, do, do…ora et labora reminds us “to be” for a little bit before trying “to do”.

And “being in the presence of God”, even if for just a brief period of time, averts the temptation for those who are studying to into intellectual pride: “I can figure this out on my own!” No!

Rather, those who pray first do homage to the Great Teacher Jesus Christ.

And as the Omniscient One sees such humility He sends forth His unapproachable light, enlightening our minds.

That’s why pausing for prayer does not detract from academic excellence, rather it enhances it: for we allow our minds to be illuminated and therefore unlock the mysteries of the universe. 

That’s why the most important thing for Bishop Thomas K. Gorman School is to produce graduates who are men and women of prayer.

Today, we begin our day with the greatest prayer, the Holy Mass.

So, as we come forward to receive Jesus Christ in the Eucharist, pray for the grace to live always ora et labora pray and work.

Pray for our Gorman school family, that we cultivate within our being ora et labora pray and work.

Pray for our Diocese of Tyler that we walk together the path of ora et labora pray and work.

For as we turn to Holy Wisdom Himself for guidance in all we do, He reveals the way of truth, that is, doing all things with charity… the way that leads us all to eternal life with Jesus Christ, the Blessed Virgin Mary, St. Benedict, and all the saints in Heaven, forever. Amen.



Fr. Anthony Stoeppel
Bishop Gorman Catholic School



Bishop Gorman Mass

Bishop Gorman has been named to the Catholic Education Honor Roll for over 10 years.



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