Ambassador Program

The Ambassador Program is designed to provide an opportunity for students to participate throughout the community in various service, public relations, and networking activities on behalf of Bishop Thomas K. Gorman Catholic School.


  • Ambassadors will represent  Bishop Thomas K. Gorman in three areas of service: school, local church, and wider community.
  • Ambassadors will use their God-given talents by putting forth their best efforts as Christian leaders in a secular society, thus building character and self-discipline.
  • Ambassadors will foster community relationships through their chosen service.


  • Complete and return on time the application (April) and one reference questionnaire.
  • Attend required training session prior to Ambassador service opportunities (Ambassador status will only be recognized after completion of initial training) *training usually takes place in early May.
  • Commit to at least three community service events. (Ambassador will report to the designated event liaison for attendance)
  • Ambassador attire will be ordered at the required training session.
  • Pins should be worn on tie at Mass and other formal occasions.
  • Demonstrate a respect for the school's mission and policies. Reflect in dress, language, demeanor and behavior the Christian beliefs and attitudes of the school at all times.
  • Have a desire to serve the community.
  • Maintain a minimum grade average of 80.
  • Participate in monthly meeting.

Wardrobe Requirements

  • Green t-shirt and nice jeans for hands-on/casual activities. (Habitat,Fish Fries, Food Bank, etc)
  • Green polo and khaki pants or skirt for more formal occasions. (Honor's Convocations)


  • Develop student's public speaking, leadership, organizational, and writing skills.
  • Broaden professional contact opportunities through networking and public relationships.
  • Share your God-given gifts with the greater community as you learn to apply the lessons of the social gospel.

Visit Mrs. Diane Matzke in her office or email her using the directory if you're interested in becoming an ambassador.

We hope you will prayerfully consider becoming a Gorman Ambassador and allow God to use you as His instrument in this worthwhile endeavor.

Mrs. Diane Matzke
Phone: 903-579-9413




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