Lunch Orders 2020-2021


Due to COVID-19 and other circumstances, there have been some changes to the Bishop Gorman cafeteria for the 2020-2021 school year. Please note the following:

  1. Submit your lunch order before the start of each month. We'll send a reminder.
  2. There will be a simplified menu.
  3. Unused funds from last year will be honored.
  4. Lunches will be paid using only the system.
  5. Cash will not be accepted.
  6. A rotating entree or burger & chips will be available daily (drink included) for $5.50.
  7. Lunches will be boxed and delivered to the child's assigned eating location for each lunch period.
  8. Please be advised that on occasion, the lunch may be different than what is on the lunch calendar. 
  9. We've added a "Main Entree with extra helping." option to the lunch order form. This does not include burgers. There is an additional charge of between $2.25 - $4.00.


Complete the condiments & options preferences form once a year for each child. This form was revised to include a taco salad preference on 9/17/20. 

Complete the lunch order form each month for each child. We will send a reminder. Do not complete all the forms at once, as menu changes are likely to occur.

My School Bucks enables parents to add funds to their child's cafeteria account, view lunch order history, and the current balance.

  • Go to and select Sign Up Free
  • Select Texas
  • Select Bishop TK Gorman HS for the School District
  • Complete the new account information
  • Enter your child(s) name as it appears in FACTS and enter their birth date.
  • Enter payment information

Select either "One-Time Funds" or Auto Pay" as a payment option.


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