Substitute Information

Bishop Gorman and St. Gregory utilizes Frontline (Formerly Aesop) to manage and schedule substitutes. There are multiple ways our substitutes can accept upcoming jobs.

Frontline Automated Calling System

When an absence is entered, Frontline will begin calling substitutes. A job can be accepted or rejected using the phone prompts.

Call into Frontline

Substitutes can Call Frontline by dialing 1-800-942-3767. Your phone ID is typically your ten-digit phone number; your PIN is the last four digits of your phone number. The automated system will list all available jobs. You can accept a job using the phone prompts.

Log into Frontline from a Computer

Substitutes can go to to log into Frontline from a computer to view available jobs and adjust account settings.  Your username is typically your email address and the password you chose when confirming your account. 

Log into Frontline Using the Phone App

New in 2020 is the free Frontline Education phone app. The app will notify you of upcoming jobs and you're able to accept jobs from your phone. Your username is typically your email address and the password you chose when confirming your account. Apple App | Google Play App


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