Athletics Purpose & Philosophy

Through the interscholastic program at Bishop Thomas K. Gorman Middle and High School, the students will gain a greater awareness of himself/herself and his/her potential for growth as a Christian and that, through honest and sincere competition, will learn respect for others. In particular, he/she will learn "good sportsmanship," which encompasses such qualities as fairness, self-control, self-discipline, respect, cooperation and fairness in dealing with them.

The aim of the extracurricular programs are to give students the opportunity to develop self-expression as well as the personal qualities of courage, self-confidence, alertness, maximum effort and resourcefulness. In relation to the school community, these programs foster a wholesome school spirit, create an atmosphere of unity and fellowship within the school, and stimulate support for and interest in the entire school program.

Finally, these programs are one of the principle means by which Bishop Thomas K. Gorman Middle School and High School makes its presence know in the outside community. It is one of the main reasons for alumni to continue to take pride in Gorman and be associate with it. It is a source of attraction for new students, alumni, and parents.


Athletics Staff

Cunningham, Cynthia
903-561-2424 x403
Athletic Administrative Assistant
Davis, Monica
Giorgio, Tracey
Kaspar, Rodney
903-561-2424 x413
Director of Athletics
McFarlin, Randy
903-579-9417 x417
Football Head Coach
Milton, Jerome
903-579-9409 x469
Athletic Scholarship Coordinator

Gate Prices

$8 Adult
$6 Senior
$ Student

Other Sports

$6 Adult
$4 Senior
$4 Student


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