Founder Day

On October 5, Bishop Joseph Strickland, Father Zachary Dominguez, and Deacon Keith Fournier led Bishop Gorman Catholic School students in prayer and blessed the faculty, staff, and students and every learning and extracurricular space on campus just as Bishop Thomas Gorman did at the dedication of the school on October 5, 1958.  During the prayer service Bishop Strickland addressed the students, reminding them to "Speak to the Lord, He is really with us! And pray that His Spirit will guide all the work that we do at this school."

The Bishop Gorman community received prayer cards and prayed together the original prayer of dedication that is still as relevant today as it was 63 years ago: 

"O Lord Jesus Christ, Who didst command Thy Apostles to pray that peace might come to whatever house they entered, sanctify, we implore Thee, by our ministry, this house meant for the education of youth.  Pour into it the richness of Thy blessing and of Thy peace. May salvation come to those who live here as it came to the house of Zaccheus when Thou didst enter it.  Command Thy angels to guard it and to drive away from it all the power of the enemy.  Fill the teachers with the spirit of knowledge, wisdom, and fear of Thee.  Strengthen the students with heavenly grace so that they may grasp with their minds, treasure in their hearts, and carry out in their deeds all the teachings that lead to salvation. And may all here please Thee by practicing every virtue, so that they may one day be welcomed into Thy eternal home in heaven.  Through Thee, Jesus Christ, Saviour of the world, Who lives and reigns, God, forever and ever. Amen." (October 5, 1958. Prayer of Dedication).

After each of the classrooms and school buildings were blessed, the students were treated to a Founders Day breakfast.

Bishop Strickland