Tyler, TX (November 12, 2021) -- Bishop Gorman Cathlolic School hosted an NCAA signing ceremony to recognize and celebrate senior Simon (“Sid”) Cleofe as he signed a letter of intent to play soccer at the collegiate level. 

Cleofe is a midfielder for his FC Dallas-ETX and Region 3 Olympic Development Program (ODP) teams.  Cleofe is also a standout Crusader basketball player who contributes to the Bishop Gorman soccer team when schedules permit due to overlapping seasons. Cleofe will play soccer at the University of Texas at Tyler, a Division 2 program that competes in the Lone Star Conference.

The event opened with a prayer, followed by words of inspiration from Coach Kevin Murray, Bishop Gorman’s head basketball coach, and Coach Callam Booth, his FC Dallas East Texas soccer coach.

During the program, Cleofe offered words of appreciation to his family, “Dad, you were the person to first put that soccer ball at my feet. Before coming to the US you barely knew what soccer was but you asked around and researched what sports a 4 year old could play. To our luck, soccer was one of the only ones. But you didn’t stop there. As I grew older and the competition started to increase, you went out of your way to go watch the older age groups and copy their drills to bring back to me. Even today, you work the night shift and lose countless hours of sleep just to get me to that 8 o’clock game in Dallas. Mom, you were always my number one fan. Always the loudest either to cheer my team on or to complain to the ref...Kate, you probably don’t think you played that big a role in my life but you sure did.  There are so many parties, sleepovers, practices, and games that you had to miss just to watch me play.  Tagging along with mom, you were always encouraging me to do better as both an athlete and a big brother.”

Cleofe also took a moment to thank  Bishop Gorman for providing him “...with the best teachers, coaches, students, and resources that have impacted my life for the better” and God “...because without him nothing is possible.” Bishop Gorman Chaplain Fr. Zachary Dominguez closed the ceremony with a prayer of thanksgiving and a blessing for Cleofe and his family.