Welcome to the Bishop Gorman Choral program. The choir consists of:

  • Crusader Choir (9th-12th grades)

  • Show/Jazz/Glee/Madrigal Honor Ensemble (9th-12th grades)

  • Mixed Chorus (7th & 8th grades)

  • 6th Grade Choir

  • Music Ministry

Sixth grade begins in the fall with students participating in six weeks each of Art, Band, Orchestra, and Choir Exploratory.

The Beginning Choir starts each January, learning to use their voices correctly, to develop a stronger sense of pitch, to learn essential music-reading techniques and Solfege, and to sing choral literature more challenging than that of elementary school.  They will participate with the Middle School Chorus in Solo & Ensemble contest and enter the TPSMEA Concert Choir competition March.  Sixth-grade Choir will also perform in the Spring Concert.

The Mixed Chorus is our middle school choir consisting of 7th and 8th-grade students. Here we have great fun while discovering just what parts of our body we really are using to sing and laying a solid foundation for excellence in vocal production. The Mixed Chorus performs at the Fall, Christmas and Spring concerts, 8th-grade Commencement Mass, community and church events and competes in the TPSMEA Solo & Ensemble and Concert Choir contests.

The Crusader Choir is our most advanced choir and is comprised exclusively of high school students. The Choir performs in Fall, Christmas and Spring Concerts, for Baccalaureate Mass and at area churches and organizations such as Hospice and the Rotary Club. In addition to advancing individually in their vocal skill, choristers are educated in sight-reading, music history, fine points of differing musical styles, leadership, community, creativity, and service! Our Crusaders are given numerous opportunities to compete and perform individually and in groups.