Bishop Gorman believes in the development and formation of the whole person. Each student is unique, and our mission is to offer a wide range of services to assist every student in meeting their individual needs. As our students begin their high school journey, we provide educational courses and experiences that promote academic excellence, character development, and spiritual growth. This allows our students to explore their interests, enhance their talents, and expand their horizons.

We offer academic, college and career assistance for every student. Bishop Gorman provides a multitude of opportunities for testing including ACT, SAT, PSAT, NMSQT, PSAT 8/9 and AP. Testing on campus includes School Day Testing for PSAT 8/9, PSAT, NMSQT, SAT, IOWA, and AP. We are certified to provide ACT and SAT on site for National Testing days on Saturdays.

We have our students start to take the PSAT8/9 in the eighth grade so that they can gauge the consistent improvement in their learning and scores as they advance into high school. We track and use these scores as benchmarks for learning so that we can provide the highest quality education for all our students. We also offer twelve different AP classes with testing for college credit in May of each year.

Our college advising services support our students in their selection of college preparatory courses each year that will help them reach their academic goals. We provide help in their search for colleges and assist with the application process. Our school strives to help students in developing and utilizing their abilities to find the best choice for their future.

College Advising Services

  • College and vocational selection

  • Assistance in college applications

  • Scheduling of college representatives

  • Assistance in obtaining information regarding scholarships

  • Current information concerning opportunities for service

  • Resume building

Academic Meetings

Annual academic meetings occur each spring to discuss PSAT results, accommodations (if applicable), and class requests for next year. Families will be notified via email when it is time to schedule a meeting. Meetings can be scheduled here.

Please keep in mind:

  • The student AND at least one parent/guardian MUST attend the meeting.  

  • The meeting will take about 15 minutes.  

  • If you have two students to schedule for, you must make two appointments

  • You may cancel or reschedule anytime by clicking the link in the email confirmation you will receive.  

Other Information